Individualized home supports (IHS)

Individualized Home Supports (IHS) by HopeBerrey

At HopeBerrey, we provide specialized services to individuals living in their own home or family home, offering support and training to enhance their community living experience. Our IHS is designed to cater to the unique needs of each individual, empowering them to lead independent and fulfilling lives within their home and community.


IHS offers a range of service options, each tailored to meet the specific requirements of the person:

  • IHS Without Training
  • IHS With Training
  • IHS With Family Training





Why Choose HopeBerrey for IHS?

  • Person-Centered Approach
  • Professional and Compassionate Team
  • Flexible Service Delivery
  • Continuous Improvement

IHS covers community living services in four essential categories:

  1. Community Participation: This category focuses on enhancing the person’s involvement and integration within the community. We offer support in community mobility, resource use, safety awareness, interpersonal communication, leisure activities, and more.
  2. Health, Safety, and Wellness: Our services prioritize the person’s overall well-being by arranging healthcare, providing cueing and guidance for self-care, and supporting individualized strategies to reach health and wellness goals.
  3. Household Management: We offer assistance with routine household care and maintenance, household safety knowledge and skills, tenancy support, budgeting, meal planning, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle skills.
  4. Adaptive Skills: This category addresses various aspects of skill development, crisis prevention, positive support strategies, problem-solving, sensory/motor development, and behavior support for self-sufficiency.

At HopeBerrey, we are committed to delivering individualized support and training to enhance the community living experience of those we serve. Contact us today to learn more about our IHS services and how we can support you or your loved one on the path to independence and fulfillment. Your satisfaction and well-being are our top priorities.

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